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We are a company dedicated to the production of offset printed cardboard, paper and corrugated packaging. We produce safe and sustainable packaging that allows us to contribute to the success and improvement of our customer’s image, involving them in its design and development.

Ensuring food security and the sustainability of the environment through the creation of a true circular economy are daily challenges for our organization in the packaging’s production and marketing.


Founded in 1945, it emerged with the aim of becoming a reference in the printing sector.
In the 60s, the company reached the desired national scale level.


The inauguration of the new facilities in the summer of 1980 lead to a massive business expansion.


The 1990s were marked by the beginning a profound crisis in the sector, to which the company responded with a strategic reorientation towards specialization in the production of packaging. Between 1998 and 2000, the company implemented a PEDIP program, allowing to restructure the business and venture in the manufacture of packaging.


We continued to invest in the requalification of the business towards the packaging segment.
In 2004, we changed the prepress procedure to CTP (computer to plate), resulting in a profound transformation of the production processes.


We became ISO 12647 colour standard certified, guaranteeing a strategic differentiation in the market.
In 2013, we implemented the ISO 22000: 2005 certification – Food Safety Management System and PAS 223 , making GI the first and only national company in the sector (production and marketing of offset printed cardboard, paper and corrugated packaging) to hold this international certification. This challenge reinforced our commitment to the food safety of products by offering “safe” packaging for the food sector.


As part of our strategic objective towards environmental sustainability in our productive process, we successfully obtained FSC® and PEFC certifications, the most internationally renowned forest certification standards, ensuring that products with the FSC® and PEFC trademarks meet the principles and criteria that encompass high social and environmental benefits.


We started a new cycle of strong investment in business expansion and requalification supported by the Portugal 2020 incentive program, focusing investment on new information technologies towards the Industry 4.0 national design. Additionally, we implemented a vertical solution at ERP level, improving and automating processes.


In 2019, we concluded the expansion of the production area from 10,000 m2 to the current 20,000 m2 as well as the remodelling of the entire administrative area, cafeteria and changing rooms.

The year 2020 was marked by Gráfica Ideal’s 75th anniversary.

In 2021 we became BRC packaging certified which unequivocally proves our commitment towards food safety.

We also concluded ISO 27001 and ISO 12647-2 certifications.



Lead the market of offset printed cardboard packaging by means of the service provided to our customers


Invest in the continuous development of production through industry 4.0, to offer our customers innovative solutions at competitive prices, ensuring compliance with deadlines


Being the benchmark in the cardboard packaging sector in terms of safety and sustainability


Develop lasting alliances with our partners


Continuous improvement of information in the company, in order to reduce costs, eliminating inefficiencies, redundancies and productivity losses



We are a company of people dedicated to customer service. Our team is the basis of our success. Together we have conquered the national market in recent years. Our main assets are the solutions developed in food safety standards, customer trust and our staff.
Motivation, involvement and permanent team appreciation are part of the company’s main goals and have a significant weight in strategic objectives.
We believe in the harmony between personal and professional fulfilment by creating opportunities for development, career progression in carrying out social responsibility projects. We believe in enduring relationships and 80% of our staff is permanent.

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