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With this Dispute Resolution Policy, Gráfica Ideal de Águeda – Indústrias Gráficas, S.A. registered at the Commercial Registry Office under the registration and VAT number 500213844, with a share capital of €1.000.133,00, with head office at Rua da Indústria, 450,3750-792 Trofa, Águeda forward briefly referred as “GRÁFICA IDEAL DE ÁGUEDA, S.A.”, aims to inform Clients/Users of GRÁFICA IDEAL DE ÁGUEDA, S.A.’s policies and procedures regarding the resolution of disputes through the use of the website operated by GRÁFICA IDEAL DE ÁGUEDA, S.A.-  Our company is committed to resolving any disputes with its clients/users.

Alternative dispute resolution is the possibility given to clients/users to contact official entities that may help them to resolve or guide them through a conflict before going to court.

Clients who are defined as clients by Law no. 144/2015, amended by Decree-Law no. 9/2021 of 29/01, and who have used GRÁFICA IDEAL DE ÁGUEDA, S.A.’s services have the right to appeal to official entities in order to resolve any possible conflict, without prejudice to recourse to the Judicial Courts.

The updated list of Alternative Dispute Resolution entities is established in article 17 of the above-mentioned law. In any case, you may contact one of the centers listed below:

  • AIMMP Arbitration Center and Mediation Services (AIMMP);
  • National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts (CNIACC);
  • Coimbra Region Consumer Conflict Arbitration Centre (CACRC);
  • Consumer Information and Arbitration Centre of Porto (CICAP);
  • Consumer Arbitration Centre of Lisbon (CACCL);
  • Consumer Information, Mediation and Arbitration Center (Tribunal Arbitral de Consumo) (CIAB).

Date of last update 29/05/2024.

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